Wednesday, 7 November 2007

3 HTML Tags To Remember

The Title Tag

The Title Tag is the first most essential bit of information you should provide for the Google-bots. When the Google-bots read the title tag they take it to be relevant to the topic, and content within the web-page.
A lot of webmasters simply don’t understand the importance of having a Title Tag which is relevant to its content, and just forget to put one in.
In some cases, people will put the title tags in the wrong part of they’re code, halfway down the page. The Title Tag should be the first tag placed in the head section of the code, in it you should put your most important keywords consisting of between 40 and 60 characters, which includes spaces too.

The Description Tag

The Description Tag which looks like this: META NAME=”description” content=”This is where the description of your page goes”.
This is important because the Google-Bots take this to be the description of the page it belongs to, and quite often will display the information in this tag on the search results when someone enters a search query using the keywords which match those words in the description tag.
Many people do what they did with the title tag, put it half way down the code, or just make it completely irrelevant. The Description Tag should be the next tag under the Title Tag in the head/head section of the code, and keep in mind that the content of the Description Tag should be no more than 250 characters, which includes spaces too.

The Keywords Tag

The Keywords Tag which looks like this: META NAME=”keywords” content=”This is where your keywords go”,can still play a role in some search engines, although it is widely believed that Google doesn’t rate it any more. Never the less, by using the Keyword Tag you will not lose any thing, you can only gain, so include it in all your pages. There are still some search engines that use will use the content of the Keywords Tag to determine the content of a web-page.
The Keywords Tag should contain no more than 10-12 keywords, separate all keywords with a comma and a space, ensure that you use those keywords which are present in the content of the page too, do not repeat your key-words, always use lowercase lettering in the Keywords Tag, and make sure that all Keywords Tags are relevant to each page.


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