Thursday, 2 August 2007

Energy In Motion, Create The Right Energy!

I know this isn't nothing to do with SEO'ing, but I still thought it to be important enough to share with you all.

Scientists say Quantum Physics is an amazing science. I watched the movie, 'What The Bleep Do We Know' which is way beyond my comprehension so I had to watch it a few times before I began to have an understanding of this science of energy.

Everything is energy. Everything has a vibration around it. Even things that we think are standing still really are not such as your desk, your chair and your clothing. It is all vibrating energy in motion.

Our thoughts are also energy and are very powerful; much more powerful than you ever will realize. Compare your thoughts to the sparks from a flame in a campfire. Those sparks can turn into a flame but most of the time they just die out. A thought only lasts a few seconds and then you are on to another thought. So we usually do not realize the power of our thoughts. If you add focus to one little thought it will break into a flame that will ignite desire and passion your very being and catapult you to new heights within your imagination and thus begin to receive inspired actions to take. Think of your thought that you want to sustain as the sun burning through a magnifying glass. Your brain can actually create anywhere from 5 to 10 watts of electrical energy. Well, 5 watts will not light the inside of a refrigerator but you can take that same 5 watts and put it into laser energy and burn a hole right through that refrigerator door! Amazing, isn't it! Put that 5 to 10 watts of thought energy to create what you want in your business and your life with laser focus! Make it a great day!

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