Tuesday, 11 September 2007

10 Top SEO Tips

10 Top SEO Tips
1. Title Tag - One of the first things the Google bots look at when searching for relevant keywords in a website is the title tag, therefore it should contain keywords relevant to the page belonging to the title tag in question.
2. Body Text - Text in the page bodies is second to the title tag when it comes to importance. Make sure you use your chosen keywords in your text and make sure you don’t abuse keyword saturation, basically don’t use each keyword on each page no more than about 3 times.
3. Research Keywords - Take a bit of time out and do a bit of research and generate some keywords based on the product or service you offer and what your expected visitors might search for. Keeping this in mind, use keywords which are not too generic, ie, “men’s jeans” is generic, men’s Levis 501 jeans are more specific. This will then make it easier for you to compete for higher search engine rankings on your chosen keywords.
4. Check for Design Problems - If you’re using JavaScript, Flash, or any other type of Dynamic URL this may mystify the spiders which in turn would make them completely cause them to stop scanning through the site. Therefore try to avoid the use of such programming if possible.
5. Keywords – Because of the quantity of opposition for general keywords it would a good idea to change the way you think and think of long tail key-phrases, 2 to 3 word phrases.
6. Hyperlinks - Include your most important keywords/key-phrases within the hyperlink text, which is also known as the anchor text.
7. Incoming Links - When choosing sites to link to be certain to only choose those sites that are industry related
8. Use a Robots.txt File - Include a robots.txt file at the root of your Web site.
9. Have a Sitemap for your website - All pages in your Web site should be linked to your site map. This lets the spider bots and your visitors to find content on your site swiftly and effortlessly
10. No Spamming - Follow the guidance of Search Engine Optimization experts and don’t try to get 1,000s of incoming links just because some one says that they’re cheap. Google will see this as SPAMMING and will eventually see what’s going on and might even ban you from their search engine. Stick to proven methods when building links.

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