Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Importance of link building

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Does Everyone Know the Importance of Link-Building?

Personally, I don't think all website owners have a clue about SEO, link building, or the various types of link building strategies there are.
Link building is what is done in order to attain higher organic search engine rankings. It's not something that can be done over night, infact it is something that needs to be done regularly, steadily, and conscientiously. It is a process that could upto 6 months in order to move into the top 10 on the search engine for whatever keywords you may choose to target. You need patience.
There is of course another way of getting to the top of the page for search queries; this is done by paying to be there, and is known by the terms Pay Per Click, each time some clicks on your websites add, you pay the search engine a nominal charge which would've been decided by you bidding for what ever position you want your add to appear in, and would depend on how popular your target keyword was.
This isn't a bad way of directing traffic to your site if you're providing a speciallity service or unique products and can afford to fork out money just for someone clicking on your add whether or not you make a sale.
Given the choice between Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click strategies, I would always choose to work on SEO.
It's not easy, but then, it's not difficult either.
Like I said it all takes time, and you need to be patient if you want to see your site shoot up the search engine results.
Link building activities include:

  1. Directory Submissions

  2. Article Writing and Publication

  3. Releasement of News Stories

  4. Reciprocal Linking

  5. Link Negotiations

This is a long process, which is why alot of firms will end up giving this work out to Internet Marketing firms such as Summit Media, who specialise in E-Marketing, and where I work.
You have to be very careful when doing SEO on your site. If you're not, then this could lead to your site getting banned by Google.
Like I said in my previous blog: There is both on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization which should be done to a high standard in order to better Search Engine results.

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