Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Best SEO Practices, Techniques and Guidance from SEO Superstars

Best SEO Practices, Techniques and Guidance from SEO Superstars
How long has it been since you updated your websites’ or your blogs’ content?
Adding fresh content to your website is really important. And not only should you add fresh content, you should add it regularly. If possible, daily is the best, otherwise at least once a week.

Although it can be difficult to add fresh content on a regular basis, it needs to done, if it isn’t, then you’re the one losing out. Visitors and search engines love fresh content. This will bring repeat visits from both. From the view point of the search engine, this means your site will be spidered on a much more frequent basis. Fresh content can also suggest that you are an authority on a particular subject.
Don’t forget, the keywords here are: consistently and regularly.

Another question a lot of people might have is whether the purchasing of links to be a good thing or bad thing?
My answer to this would be:
If I wouldn’t do something myself, then I wouldn’t recommend it to any one else either. And there is no way I would ever buy a link from another persons’ site. I’ll vote against buying links. Many people pay for such links thinking that they are good quality links and that they carry a lot of weight. There are loads of scams in the world of Search Engine Marketing which can make links appear as, behave as, and for a short period of time act like good quality links, but in-fact they are of very little value.
Your best bet is to just stick to the more traditional methods of link-building which are:
Make sure you are indexed in all the main Search Engines
Submit your website to relevant directories
Create and publish articles
Request links from relevant websites

By doing these things you will see results and improvements in search engine rankings.

To see first hand how a Google searchbot acts when it crawls your website and what actions can be taken to help improve rankings and visibility, Summit has developed a set of tools - available over the web - that perform mature evaluations when requested, there and then.
The search engine spider simulator will produce a report on features of the page that are used to decide where in the search engine the page appears, as well as giving some general usability advice. Anyone can use the spider sim completely free of charge.

Another interesting tool can be found at Google fight. What you do is, you type in two keywords/key-phrases, then hit the “make a fight” button, then the tool proceeds to tell you which keyword is listed most.

Both are great tools and can be extremely helpful when optimizing your website. The links are in the Favourite Links section. Enjoy playing around with them!

At Google Fight, you can type in two competing key phrases and see which one
is listed more often in the Google database. Have fun!

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Good article and gave a couple of really useful hints to ease the SEO process. As a new business owner( i am currently trying to increase organic traffic to my corporate site. Getting relevant links and listing in all possible directories is one part of the puzzle....

Sandeep Balaji

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Wow, great information. I could say my knowledge in seo is already broad but I find it nice to see people giving out tips and new information.

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Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.

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